DOP and IGP labeling on wine

DOP and IGP labeling on wine

DOP and IGP labeling on wine

DOP and IGP are special designation systems that has been adopted by the European Union. It points to certain criteria according to which this or that product was produced.

DOP stands for "Denominazione di Origene Protetta" in Italian, which means "Protected by Geographical Name". And the latter means that the product (not necessarily wine, but whatever) was produced, processed and packaged in a specific geographical area of ​​Italy. According to this localization, the product acquires its inherent qualities, characteristics and taste only in this geographical location and due to the specific climate of this area.

The criteria for wine compliance with European certification for DOP are very strict. If you are holding a bottle of wine with the DOP label in your hands, then you can be sure that this is a very high quality product.

Today, around 165 Italian products, including wines, meats, cheeses, fish and oil, have the DOP quality label.

Therefore, if you want to buy Italian wine in Astana, purchase it with the DOP label. This ensures the presence of the characteristics of the wine with reference to a specific geographic area, as if you bought your favorite wine right in a particular area.

IGP or Indicazione Geografica Protetta translates as "Protected by Geographical Indication". This marking ensures that at least one of the production phases of a product is located in a specific geographic location. That is, a product in this zone was born (grown, produced) or was processed or packaged.

You may think that products with IGP labels are worse than DOP labeled products. But this is not the case. Of course, the DOP standard assumes that the product is completely produced in one location, but this is not always better. Either way, a product with an IGP mark is definitely trustworthy.

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