Why Italian wine is the best

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Why Italian wine is the best

Italy has always been considered as a wine country famous for its cuisine and wine. Everybody outside this wonderful country associates it with wine and tasty food.
But why many people consider that Italian wine is the best? Why wine from the country has so many fans around the world? Let’s see.

First of all, Italian wine has a long history – more than 4,000 years. Ancient Greeks called the land of modern Italy ‘Oenotria’, which can be translated to English as ‘Wine land’.

Secondly, Italy is the biggest producer of wine on the planet. To be more exact, it produces approximately 40,000 hectolitres per year. This is 4 million litres or more than 5.7 million bottles per year.

Third, Italian territory is perfect place to grow wine thanks to its climate.

Forth, the country has more than 400 grape types, which provides a wide range of wines to produce.

Fifth, top three countries importing Italian wines are: the USA, Germany and the UK. These countries don’t import bad products.

“Italian wine is beloved by sommeliers because no other wine nation in the world has such viticultural diversity. There are grape varieties specific to single provinces, even single towns! In terms of exploration – which is what being a sommelier is all about – nothing compares to Italy. Moreover, the overall quality level of the wines continues to rise; they’re not just good because they’re weird, they’re good because they’re good!” SommSelect Editorial Director David Lynch said.

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